Camassia Wildflowers - 7x7" Hexagon Stained Glass Float Frame

Camassia Wildflowers - 7x7" Hexagon Stained Glass Float Frame

An array of hand picked and pressed ferns foraged from Oregon, Washington and California this past spring. Bracken, Lady, Maidenhair, Deer & Licorice ferns preserved between 2 permanently sealed sheets of glass using the Tiffany style stained glass technique.


Kept away from sun and UV lights, these plants will retain their color for a very long time. Photos shown are sunlit to show detail. It is not recommended to hang your frames where the sun can filter through, as this would speed up the fading process. Each plant is left in its natural state, I do not use dyes or color enhancers. So inevitably over the years they will begin to naturally fade, changing from a fresh and vibrant look into a silhouetted delicate and vintage feel. Still beautiful either way.


Overall size - 6" Round shape. Includes a 16" oxidized copper hanging chain. A standard darkened bronze screw-in hanging hook is included.

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